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Abes of Maine Digital Photography Reviews

The Best Use of Drones in the Business World

June 12 2018 , Written by Abe's of Maine Published on #drones, #technology,, #abes of maine, #video, #photography

The interest in unmanned aerial vehicles commonly referred to as "drones” is skyrocketing, resulting in a wide array of new uses for drones, from saving lives by delivering medical and food packages to creating new sorts of entertainment. Located in New Jersey, 1805 Lower Rd in Linden, Abes of Maine is one of the first photo and video equipment stores that started selling drones (read customer reviews). Only a few years ago, drone technology was so expensive, unattainable and rare, that it was only used for military purposes or other professional use. But like many new technologies, drones have quickly evolved into tools meant for creating and enjoying new experiences, becoming way more affordable and widely available. However, drones have proved to be useful as well as entertaining. Since bursting into the civilian sphere, flying robot technology has become equally popular among hobbyists and entrepreneurs.

According to Abes of Maine estimates, which is one of the largest non-chain photo and video equipment store in the United States, with a lot of satisfied customers, in 2015 the industry of drones received $ 8 billion, which makes Abes of Maine believe that by 2021, the income will increase to a whopping $ 12 billion.  Only this year, around four million commercial drones have been sold, which means that in five years, that number could rise to 16 million. Drones have become flying extensions of the human desire to innovate, help people and have fun, and while the prices decline, the technology is becoming more accessible to a wider consumer circle.

When it comes to the business sector, drones have largely been used in video and photography, as well as for marketing purposes. However, the purpose of drones doesn’t stop here, as they are many other applications that have a positive impact in the business world. From internet access and agriculture to cinematography and delivery, drones are multipurpose tools with a potential to reshape and help with some of the most critical ways humanity operates. The only limit for a drone’s use is a person's imagination, and in case you don’t believe its powers, just stop by at Abes of Maine and let them prove you wrong.

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