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Abes of Maine Digital Photography Reviews

Portrait Photography

February 11 2019 , Written by Abe's of Maine Published on #portrait photography, #photograpy, #abes of maine

A large number of people who purchase a camera for the first time start with shooting random objects from their surrounding, flowers or go to some nice place to capture the sunset. However, there are also those who are instantly drawn to photographing people and on this occasion, we will share some of Abes of Maine tips and guides for creating stunning portrait photography.

Shooting portrait has its own rules, as well as all other areas in photography. Although photos for ID documents can also be considered as portraits, frontal face display where one can clearly see both ears and part of the chest is not the thing we are trying to accomplish with portrait photos. In a broad sense of the word, all photos showing a person can be considered as portraits. With around 5000 visitors per day and over 40 years of existence, we can only imagine just how many photos have passed through the hands of Abes of Maine workers. Every photo is beautiful in its own way, but most often the most striking photos are exactly portraits.  A portrait should tell a story, create a certain level of mystery or expose some memories. 

From altering your perspective as a photographer to experimenting with lighting and shooting candidly, there are so many things that can add a little spice to your portraits. Most photographers, loyal customers to Abes of Maine have sharp focus as an ultimate objective to achieve in their work. But sometimes it is exactly the opposite, lack of focus, which can create shots with real emotion, mood, and interest.  When it comes to taking unfocused images that work, Abes of Maine, which was a part of The White House Photographer's Dinner, offers two main strategies: to either focus on one element and leave your main subject blurred, or leave the full image out of focus. Because portraits can often be so static, by introducing some movement you can energize and enliven your portraits. 

Framing is another technique suggested by our trusted experts, where you draw attention to one element of the image by framing it with another element. This gives the image depth, and it immediately draws the eye of the viewer to the point of interest in the image.

Abes of Maine points out that, besides of the quality of the camera, choosing the right lenses is also an important key.

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