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Abes of Maine Digital Photography Reviews

I Bought the Moto Z Play to Capture Brand Stories

September 24 2019 , Written by Abe's of Maine Published on #Abes of Maine, #expert, #photography, #video

I needed to upgrade my old smartphone. It was starting to flake on me. My calls were mysteriously being dropped, the screen would freeze out of the blue, and honestly, it looked like it had survived a war zone: scratched, chipping, cracked- it wasn’t a pretty picture.

I’ve tried both Android and iOS phones. I prefer Android. A friend of mine had gotten the Moto Z Play Smartphone from Abes of Maine and couldn’t stop singing its praises. What I really like about most Android phones is how easily their storage can be expanded. The Moto Z I ended up buying at Abes of Maine in lunar gray came with 32GB of storage and a built-in microSD card slot that can support a microSDXC card with up to 2TB of memory capacity.

I take a lot of photos and videos with my phone. I work in PR (specifically social media marketing), and I often have to supply original content for the food brands I work with. Most often, the food I shoot for 15-second brand videos is captured on my phone to give the videos a more authentic feel. 

The Moto Z has two cameras. A rear-racing, 16-megapixel camera, autofocus, auto HDR, 4K video, and dual LED flash. The front-facing 5-megapixel camera has a wide-angle field of view, and its own LED flash.

The Moto Z Play has great battery life. I use my phone a lot and I get through my entire day on a single charge. From taking pictures to listening to podcasts to keeping up with influencers and work emails, my new phone makes my commute and my job a whole lot easier. My phone also came with a TurboPower that can give you up to nine hours of power in just 15 minutes of charging. So even if I am out and about or traveling from one client location to another, most coffee shops and restaurants have an outlet you can use for 10 or 15 minutes for a quick boost until you arrive at a destination where outlets are plentiful.

The Moto Z is also water repellent. It's coated in some kind nanotechnology which creates a barrier that helps protect moderate exposure to water like accidental spills or light rain. I tend to be on the clumsy side of the spectrum, so this feature really gives me peace of mind. I just think about the time I desperately tried to salvage a phone by putting it in dry, uncooked rice. It did suck the moisture out, but my phone was never quite the same. For my fellow butterfingers, you'll appreciate this extra safeguard.

But what really convinced me to go with the Moto Z vs. Galaxy s7 or an iPhone 7 is the Hasselblad True Zoom Camera add-on. Having a 10x zoom makes it so much easier to capture the whole scene of a restaurant. And, I really like the Moto Z camera app. It's clean and easy-to-use and doesn't have a gazillion unnecessary features.

So if it's time for a new phone, reach out to the experts at Abes of Maine. They were super helpful as they patiently and thoroughly answered my laundry list of questions about the Moto Z.

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