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The best compact cameras (high-end) for 2020

May 6 2020 , Written by Abe's of Maine Published on #Abes of Maine, #Camera, #Compact, #2020

One of the questions that most readers of Abes of Maine photography blog ask is “What’s the best compact camera?" or What high-end camera do you recommend?".

Normally the answer will depend on each case, since there is an ideal photo camera for each photographer. However, Abes of Maine experts have been able to test many models and with this experience, they have formed a quite solid opinion regarding the different digital cameras that exist today. In this guide, Abes of Maine will introduce you the best compact cameras (high-end) of 2020, for beginners and amateurs.

Simply put, the best high-end compact cameras are very small and light cameras that offer impressive image quality.

What are the characteristics of high-end compact cameras?

Although each model is different, in general they share a series of characteristics that allow them to offer great image quality and a very good user experience.

  • They usually mount a larger sensor. Starting with 1-inch sensors (not to say that they physically measure 1 ″, it's a standard for small sensors that comes from the time of TV camera picture tubes, 1 ″ sensors measure 13.2 x 8.8mm) it can be considered to be a sensor size that can compete in most situations with APS-C or micro 4/3 sensors
  • They usually mount a lens of great optical quality and large aperture (bright lenses). Also, since the lens is specifically designed for that body, all functionality is optimized.
  • The focal range is usually small due to geometric limitation when mounting a large sensor. Also to optimize the optical quality (greater zoom range implies reducing the optical quality of the system)
  • They allow to control the exposure parameters (aperture, shutter speed, ISO) manually
  • They usually include electronic viewfinder
  • The format is usually compact pocket, designed to always carry them on, although there are also high-end bridge models.

Relative size of sensors that high-end compacts usually mount (enlarged but to scale):

For what type of user are high-end compact cameras intended?

  • For a user who is fundamentally looking for exceptional image quality in a small and light format that they can always carry with them
  • In many cases they are professional photographers or advanced amateurs looking for a second camera to take everywhere.
  • Users who prefer this camera format over an EVIL / mirrorless because they do not plan to buy lenses, or do not want to get involved carrying extra equipment, or do not want to know anything about sensor cleaning, etc.
  • Photographers (professionals and amateurs) who used analog cameras in their day and want to enjoy that format and style of cameras again, but with the advantages they currently offer in terms of technology and features.

High-end compact or small mirrorless camera?

A tiny mirrorless camera with interchangeable lens or a lens with a transport mode that is collected and takes up very little would have practically the same format in terms of size and weight.

Is it worth choosing a high-end compact?

If you are very clear about your type of photography, for example for street photography or to carry an excellent camera on your trips, than Abes of Maine experts believe that a high-end compact camera can be a very good choice:

  • Possibly it will offer more optical quality than an EVIL with the kit objective
  • In an EVIL (just like for a reflex camera) you will have to invest sooner or later in quality lenses to get the full potential
  • The EVIL is no longer small and light depending on the objective you mount
  • The focal range mounted by these compacts works well for 90% of situations. It is usually around 35mm

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