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Abes of Maine Digital Photography Reviews

Recommended cameras for streaming (live broadcast)

July 3 2020 , Written by Abe's of Maine Published on #Abes of Maine, #Camera, #video, #streaming

Are you looking to improve the quality of your live video broadcast for Twitch, YouTube, Zoom? Here, camera experts from Abes of Maine, a  family owned electronics retailer in Linden, New Jersey, recommend cameras for streaming, necessary equipment and settings.

Streaming from a mobile

It is the simplest option in terms of equipment since you would not need a computer. All platforms have their own apps for both iOS and Android.

How to improve quality?

You can follow these tips provided by Abes of Maine on how to record video with mobile

Quick summary:

Lighting is the key

Improve the sound using some external microphone: a lapel microphone or a directional microphone

Use a tripod or some kind of support

Some things to keep in mind:

In this case it is preferable to use the front camera (selfie) to access the live broadcast app, follow the chat, etc.

Use WiFi connection to get enough bandwidth and more stable connection


Disadvantages of this option:

Greatly limits user interaction

You will have to put the phone in airplane mode to prevent any call from spoiling the direct

 Use a webcam for streaming

Here you need a computer but it is still a very simple option.

The integrated webcam that some laptops include is usually not the best option. In general, these are very basic cameras and the placement is fixed: you cannot orient it in any other way and it is difficult to find a suitable frame.

It is preferable to use an external webcam.

Most of these devices use the UVC (USB video device class) standard, so there would be no need to install additional software or drivers, and they would be compatible with all operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux). Many webcams include additional software to configure and control the camera, including specific functions that are not accessible from the generic software that you have installed by default on the computer.

All these cameras will only give an acceptable quality if there is good lighting. The autofocus system is usually not too good, but they are cameras with a great depth of field - virtually the entire scene will be in focus.

If you are going to be sitting or moving around a specific area, you can lock the focus and leave it fixed, to avoid that the camera may lose it at some point and not have that annoying effect of the camera trying to focus (focus hunting)

Abes of Maine recommendation: if you are going to start doing live shows, an external webcam of a certain quality I think would be the best option to start. It is a very simple configuration, no additional devices are needed: you just need to plug into a USB input and that's it.

Later you can take a leap in quality that comes with a higher-end camera. And you would have a webcam in the chamber as a backup in case something fails in the configuration with the main camera, or there are simply times that it is not worth mounting the entire system and it is faster to use the webcam option.

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